March 3rd, 2020 Election Sample Ballot Now Online

Sample ballots for the March 3rd Republican and Democratic Presidential Preference Primary, the Wilson County Republican Primary and the Wilson County Referendum are now posted online. The countywide ballot may be viewed and individual ballots are available to be printed on the Election Commissions website –

These primary elections are nominating elections. Voters participating in a Primary Election consider themselves Republicans or Democrats- there are no Primary Elections for Independents. Tennessee is an Open Primary state and voters do not register as members of a political party. Tennessee has two recognized parties – the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. In order to vote in the primary, voters are required to choose which party primary they wish to vote in. Of course, voters may vote in only one party primary election or vote in the Wilson County Sales Tax Referendum only.

Tennessee law says that, “A registered voter is entitled to vote in a primary election for offices for which the voter is qualified to vote at the polling place where the voter is registered if: The voter is a bona fide member of and affiliated with the political party in whose primary the voter seeks to vote; or, At the time the voter seeks to vote, the voter declares allegiance to the political party in whose primary the voter seeks to vote and states that the voter intends to affiliate with that party.” 

The Tennessee Republican Party and the Tennessee Democratic Party have their own rules about how someone becomes a presidential delegate. The Republican presidential delegates are decided by election and the Democratic presidential delegates are decided by party rules. 

The Republican Presidential Preference Primary has the Party’s presidential candidates and delegates for those candidates. Voters choosing to vote in the Republican Primary may vote for up to 14 delegates along with three delegates from the 6th Congressional District. The Democratic Presidential Preference Primary has the Party’s presidential candidates and voters choosing the Democratic ballot may vote for one. 

Voters in the Republican Primary will also receive the County Republican Primary. This ballot includes candidates for 15th Judicial District Circuit Court Judge and Public Defender as well as Division III Wilson County General Session Judge, Property Assessor and 17th District County Commissioner. The winners of the primary will go on to be on the Wilson County General Election ballot on August 6th, 2020.

Voters may choose to only vote in the Sales Tax Referendum and not to vote in either the Republican or Democratic Primary. If voters choose the Republican or Democratic Primary they will all receive the Wilson County Sales Tax Referendum, also. provides easy access to the sample ballot along with information about registering to vote, voting and many other election related topics. Administrator of Elections, Phillip Warren said, “Our website contains a wealth of information in a format designed to be easily used by voters, candidates or anyone interested in elections in Wilson County. The site is kept current and relevant to make every visit worthwhile.”

The aversion to waiting in lines, inclement weather or long ballots may be issues that keep some voters from coming to vote. Early Voting begins on February 12th and ends on February 25th. There are five convenient Early Voting sites throughout Wilson County open Monday through Saturday giving voters choices. Voters who miss Early Voting and want to cast their ballot on Election Day can choose from one of the 18 Election Day Vote Centers and vote at site most convenient to them that day.  

“Being familiar with the ballot and researching the candidates and referendums before going to vote is like preparing for a ballgame. When you’re prepared it’s a breeze. With five Early Voting sites, having the ballot available on the website and the choice on the most convenient Vote Center on Election Day we are offering the tools needed to make each voting experience the best it can be in Wilson County,” said Tammy Smith, Assistant Administrator.

To learn more about elections, voting and how you can be involved with Wilson County elections contact the Wilson County Election Commission at 615-444-0216 or online at

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